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Cat Only Grooming, Boarding and Supplies
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Queen of the shop, she was adopted from Furry Friends Refuge in 2016 and thoroughly enjoys her lush life. She can be found basking in the window in her favorite cat bed. Her favorite food is just about any canned food that Weruva makes! If you're lucky she'll ask you to pet her and on rare occasions she's been known to play!


Adopted from Furry Friends Refuge in 2015 and currently holds the title of Chief Kitten Wrangler (he loves the foster kittens)! Walter spends a lot of time on the desk so that he can be easily accessible for pets. His favorite food is Bravo venison; he has IBS and after several different food trials this was the food that made his tummy happy and healthy!

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Betsey is the owner of Smitten Kitten, opened the shop in 2008 after seeing a need for specialized cat grooming in Des Moines. Betsey has been grooming cats for over 12 years and learned from the best- her aunt who owns The Kitty Groomer in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Jennifer is our store manager and the ultimate cat influencer. She is responsible for finding the fun and unique items we sell; she leaves no stone unturned in her hunt for the purrfect product. When she’s not at the shop you can find her creating fiber art or hanging out with her feline crew, Luna and Arya, whom she adopted from Furry Friends and her newest addition Leonard. Her secret shop superpower = she soothes all the sassy cats!
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Rebecca loves working with our customers to help them find the perfect groom to make them shine. When she is not at the shop she enjoys game night with her family, trying every possible variety of gummy candy, and volunteering & fostering with local rescues. Her furry crew includes two Furry Friends adoptees Banksy and Alesia. Her grooming confession = she loves to sing to the cats, and they love it when she stops!

Megan is committed to making every cat look gorgeous for their big reveal, she is the master of the gorgeous boots that our lion cut clients rock! When she is not at the shop she loves photography, camping, and spending time with her kitties Ashi & Basil. Her shop secret = she’s Smitten with all our adoptable fosters, be sure to ask her about our latest adoptable and she’ll make you fall in love!