Kitty Adoptions

Kitties available through Furry Friends Refuge

Kitties Available for Adoption

Smitten Kitten has partnered with Whiskers TNR, to have kitties available for adoption at the shop. We foster the adoptable kitties until they are ready to go to their forever homes. All adoptees must be approved by Whiskers TNR.
Available kitties for adoption…
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Cyndi - 1 year old (fostered in Des Moines)

When Cyndi arrived at Whiskers as one of many kittens from a large outdoor colony, she wasn’t so sure what to think of her new digs and people always around. “She started out pretty shy and scared,” says her foster dad. “It took a little bit more work to bring her around, but once the switch flipped, she became a different cat.”

Today, Cyndi completely lives up to her namesake, ’80s legend Cyndi Lauper, from the wild splotches of color in her hair to how she boldly seeks out attention. “She’s right at your feet once you walk in the room. She is the cuddliest kitten of the bunch.” In fact, Cyndi’s favorite hobbies are snuggling on a lap or “making biscuits” on a soft blanket. Now, she just needs a home of her own for those true colors to keep shining through. Could it be with you?
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Shirley Temple - 1 year old (fostered in Ankeny)

In the “Soda Fountain Litter,” Shirley Temple wins the award for being sweet yet shy – at least in the beginning – but we’d also give her an Oscar for those ultra-cute monologues of hers. “She likes to meow a lot. I’m not sure what she’s talking about!” says her foster mom. Maybe how thankful she is to go from a large outdoor colony to a pampered life indoors?

Like her sister, Creamsicle, Shirley Temple has tested positive for FIV, but she’s healthy otherwise and is prime adoption material with a few considerations. After all, even though Shirley Temple needs a minute to adjust to new surroundings and would probably prefer a quieter home, she’s proven herself to be a cuddly starlet at heart. “She now explores the house and loves being near us and getting pets,” especially when her foster family sits at her level or her favorite little girl is around. Can Shirley Temple be the new furry star of your home?